An Independent Co-Work Community Near You

Huge Personal Desks, Viewings Welcome, Equal distance from Crouch End / Archway/ Stroud Green

We can offer you a dedicated, more-generous-than-most working space within an inquisitive, respectful and open business community. A unique place for Independent Professionals and Creatives (and all that lives in between).

Our spacious five desk Co-work office has enough separation for you to isolate your work and calls, but you can keep the vibe that comes from being in a workspace with others.

You’ll have a Desk area that is truly yours to spread out, with plenty of secure storage and all mod cons for professional or creative gadgets.

PLUS there is an extra roomy sit/stand desk which is FREE for your guests and clients to use.

Makers yard is suitable for all kinds of people looking for somewhere fresh to work; and absolutely Ideal for those who need both a large well-lit desk space and a messier one in order to bring ideas to fruition in our clean and soundproofed (as in little noise escapes, really) workshop.

Prices include VAT and start at around £300 a month

For more details, please email